Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Some days, my day is extremely productive and I wrap up my day with my homework completed for the night, a tidy house, and a happy heart.

Sometimes, I get nothing done at all.

Today was one of those "sometimes".

Dishes piled all over my counter,
a half-completed lab assignment,
toys spread throughout the house,
clothes waiting to be put away,
laundry desperately needing to be done,
sheets that haven't been washed in I don't know how long
floors that seem to attract the leaves from outside, and
A never-ending pile of homework.

A pinch of reality. :)

But...I'm learning that when life gets crazy busy and everything starts to feel overwhelming and like "I don't know how to get all this done," the very thing I need to do is what makes no sense: stop. Breathe.

So, in the spirit of taking time to breathe,
I forgot the pile of dishes.
I left my sheets to be washed another day.
And I decided the laundry could wait til Selah went to bed.

We shared some cookies and milk at Chik Fil A.
We played outside at home in the leaves.
We collected pine cones together.
We laughed when Honey licked Selah's fingers.
We watched Caleb reading Selah a story from the other side of the world.

And wow, it was refreshing. I'm learning that sometimes it's ok to stop and laugh and just revive for the work that lies ahead. The dishes and laundry and homework will still be there later. But these moments with my girl won't - and so I'm gonna enjoy them while I can.

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