Saturday, January 16, 2010

And the winners are...

Bethany (Stace)
and Joyelle!

Congrats girls! :) I will send you the information necessary to make your jewelry in the next day or two. For everyone else, thanks for participating! I just might have to do this again sometime.

Friday, January 8, 2010


Yesterday we received some exciting news! USCIS (U.S. Citizen & Immigration Service) has accepted our application for me to get permanent residency. This does not mean I have been granted permanent residency or a green card at this stage, but simply that they have accepted the paperwork and payments to begin this process.

Having already received the paperwork back once to fix a payment problem, it was a great relief to know that they had accepted it the second time around. This means we should not have to lug that pile of papers to the post office to mail ever again. :D That makes me immensely happy.

So where to next in this process? Well, next step is getting fingerprinted, which I think will be in KC. They have to contact me (probably via mail) to inform me of the date and time on which the fingerprinting will occur.

From there, I believe the next and final step is just waiting to receive the green card. We are praying and trusting that God will bring our paperwork through this process with minimal delays and in the shortest time possible!

My Prayer

To be like You, Lord, this is my plea
Walking ever closer to Thee
In the light of Thy righteous way
By Your side I desire to stay.

Let them gaze into my eyes
And see not I, but Jesus Christ
Let them not see any beauty
But a faith above mere duty.

Let them look at my heart
Seeing the love Christ did impart
When on earth so long ago
As to the cross He did willingly go.

Let them hear my voice, yet Heaven's song
That rings out from the Heavenly throng
Let them hear only Christ, speaking through me
Showing He really is living in me.

Let them not see a youthful face
But a child saved by God's grace
Let me point them up, away from me
To the One who deserves all glory.

RKM May '06

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Handmade jewelry giveaway!

How to enter: Comment on the comment left by the person above you on this specific blogpost. If you are the first person to post, follow this prompt: "It was a cold, blustery morning, and all was still." Your comment should be a complete sentence and should continue the story.

How long will the competition last? Right now, entries/comments will be taken until January the 15th. However, if there is not enough participation, I will extend the date.

How will the winners be selected? I will be using to select the winners. Notice I did say "winners" not "winner." There will be three winners of this competition, with each one receiving an item of jewelry. :)

What kind of jewelry will be made? That's up to you! I will let you pick the type of jewelry (necklace, bracelet, earings), as well as the beads and design. :) More details will be issued to the winners.

Is it limited to the US? No! Anyone can participate. :)

If you have any questions, please Facebook me!
Well...I'm getting better! At least this blog post didn't take months to eventuate. :P The following is something that came from my quiet time just a few days ago.

"Then Job arose, and rent his mantle, and shaved his head, and fell down upon the ground, and worshipped." (Job 1:20)

How Satan must have been holding his breath this whole time! He was just waiting for Job to curse God so he (Satan) could say "I told you so" to God. Furthermore, true to his nature, he was probably whispering in Job's ears all the time, trying to get him to falter.

Interestingly, this verse spans minutes, not seconds as I had initailly supposed. Shaving one's head takes time, and Satan undoubtedly tempted Job the whole time to give up on God. Yet, Job's heart was firmly directed toward one goal: worship. He fulfilled traditional expressions of sorrow and mourning, but nowhere did he cry against God. Instead, he worshipped.

I have to wonder: if God took everything from me, would I worship? Would my first words be those of praise to the One who had allowed terrible things to happen? I would hope so...but the reality of my flesh is that I would probably allow complaints against God to fall from my lips.

How was Job able to praise? He had a heavenly perspective. His life was not his own. Though in himself there was sorrow over the loss of children and possessioons, in his spiritual eyes he saw God's hand at work.

Life has been described as a tapestry, with threads of many colors woven through. When trial comes, we see one ugly dark patch from our extreme closeup view. God sees the whole picture and the necessity of that trial to fill that dark portion of the picture. And ultimately, it adds a serene beauty to the entire tapestry. The question is, do we trust Him, even when we cannot see what He is doing?