Monday, December 24, 2012

What A Year

What a whirlwind year it has been.

This time last year we had just moved from Georgia to Kansas and had spent three months without a job. We moved into our house ten days before Christmas, but due to an Army mix up, we had no furniture or any of our stuff. All we had was one bag of clothes, a few pots and some food - the few things we had brought with us to carry us over the couple of weeks we expected to be without a home and job. We didn't have any ornaments or lights, and we had no paper to wrap gifts. It was strange.

We ended up going about 8 weeks without furniture (while I was 20+ weeks pregnant) and six months without a job/income. As much as I tried to rejoice in the true reason for the season, it wasn't easy. Maybe it was that I've become accustomed to certain things as I celebrate Christ's birth - lights, ornaments, beautiful gifts. In their absence, I had a really hard time feeling festive. Something was missing.

Throughout this past year, I've had many many times where physically, emotionally, and even financially I've felt empty, like something is missing. So many new experiences, fitting in to a new place, losing loved ones...none of that is easy. But what I have learned (or re-learned) is this: God is so very, very faithful. While He may not always do things the way I'd expect or even like, He will be sufficient to fill my cup, day after day. When I feel empty, if I run to Him, He'll give me all I need to keep going.

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  1. wow you have been through a lot! glad that this year is happier for you!