Wednesday, September 24, 2014


It was just two words - two words that meant the world to me. You've said them before, but tonight, I needed them so much.

You're wonderful.

You couldn't know just how much my heart has been aching of late, how much pain has been stirring that I haven't known what to do with or even known how to share. You didn't know how I have wrestled in my faith walk, trying to figure out who I am and who He is and wrap my head around it all.

This last day or two, in my heart I have been crying out - begging my Abba to reveal Himself to me. I couldn't form the words; my heart is too raw. But He knew. He could hear the deep cries, the words that just couldn't spill from my lips.

And then, your words came. You told me I was wonderful. You meant it just as a little encouragement after a rough day.

But for me? They were words from Him - tender whispers of who I am, of what He thinks of me. And when you pulled me close and held me, it was His arms that I felt, enfolding me in His love.

So thank you - thank you for showing me a little more of who He is. Thank you for bringing just a little taste of healing.

"In the darkness, 
I can feel Your light,
Wrap around me
In my suffering, 
I can feel Your joy,
Rising in me now
And I wait, 
flooded with the strength of Your peace."

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