Thursday, December 26, 2013


A few weeks ago, I was sitting on a flight heading back home to Georgia from Australia. I had booked my return flight at the last minute with a cheap airline because I didn't want to sell both arms and legs to pay for the crazy expensive prices on the better airlines. At the end of the day, I made it from point A to point B, which I guess is the point.

Anyway, during the flight we encountered some turbulence. The pilot said that flying over Fiji is always like that - something about their weather I think he said. I was just trying to hold in my airline meal at the time, so I wasn't entirely paying attention. :)

After his announcement, I remember looking up and noticing that the "fasten seatbelts" sign wasn't lit up. I was surprised, especially because of just how bumpy that portion of the flight was. Parts of my flight (with a more expensive airline) coming to Sydney had been bumpy, and the "fasten seatbelts" sign had been lit up the whole time.

Then, I realized that this was one of those times where I had to rely on the pilot and his judgement of the situation. If he'd really thought we would need to fasten our seatbelts, he would have told us to fasten them. It's basic, I know. Then I realized something: he could see what I couldn't. He could see what was coming, at least to some extent, and determined that a seat belt wasn't necessary.

The more I pondered the whole seatbelt situation, the more I realized that it applies spiritually as well. Sometimes I think I cling to my figurative seat belt with a death grip, knowing that it will keep me "safe." But what is safe is not always right, at least not spiritually. If I'd stuck with what was safe, I would never have moved to a country where I didn't know anybody. I wouldn't have ever given a second thought to marrying a guy I met online and easily dismissed it. I wouldn't have moved cross country, while pregnant, purely based on a leading and without a job or house lined up.

And you know what? I would have seriously missed out on some of the best times of my life. I would have missed out on the joy of finding a new beginning. I would have missed out on healing. I would have missed out on the BEST seven years of my life - of knowing my wonderful hubby. I would have missed out on seeing God very specifically answer prayers and provide for our needs, even when it didn't come in the way I expected.

So sometimes that seat belt doesn't stands in the way of the things God wants you to do. He's looking ahead at the things that are coming - things that you cannot see - and He says, "No seat belt needed this time." He says, "Jump." And He promises to catch us.

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