Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Crazy Life has become incredibly crazy around here. I'm sorry I'm a terrible blogger, and it's been almost a month since my last post. It's just, well, when you're a full-time college student who is taking all online, 8-week classes, college has a way of taking over your life. Weekends are no longer weekends, but are now days for homework to be due. Ick. Anyway, on to more interesting things...

I think I may have told you in a previous post about our problem with roaches in our house. The horrible critters thought this house belonged to them, even after we moved in. Some five months later, I think we've finally got them under control. SO thankful!

But...this week began with another development, this time in the form of a very strange mouse. Strangely enough, a friend posted a blog last week about how her and her hubby had had a run in with a mouse that she named Closeaux, as there was something about him that just seemed French. What Leah didn't know was that when she released him into the outside world, Closeaux decided to pay me a little visit.

Monday morning, I got a note from my hubby saying he had seen a mouse in the living room. While I don't particularly like mice, they don't freak me out, so I wasn't too worried. However, later that day while doing the dishes I noticed one of our silicone spatulas looked kinda funny. On closer inspection, it appears Closeaux took his French roots a little too seriously...and nibbled at the spatula! Silly Closeaux. After a dose of plastic, Closeaux thought peanut butter would be delicious to try. And that was the end of Closeaux.

A short while after moving into our house, we discovered we also shared our home with a bunch of squirrels. Crazy, I know, but there were definitely more than one or two living up in our attic. They don't bother us for the most part. Lately, however, they've become very loud, making weird noises in the day and night. We just figured they were fighting or something. Little did we know what was causing all the fuss...

Tonight, Caleb went downstairs to get the laundry, and found some insulation on the floor. Upon closer inspection, he discovered there is a racoon who has also decided our home is his new home. We have no idea how he got in, but he is definitely not a pet we are intending to keep!!

So ends another crazy day in our world. :)


  1. wow you should totally talk to my mom about this...she could tell you some really funny stories of when she and dad were married and the animals that they had living with them! you poor dear I hope that animal control can help you out soon!

    p.s. and congratulations on getting rid of the roaches....that's something that I never accomplished in texas. ewww

  2. lol, your poor mom!! Caleb is getting in touch with animal control to try to get rid of the raccoon at least...we'll see about the squirrels!

    Caleb's aunt told us about these sticky traps and that's been most successful so far. I haven't seen a live one in probably several months. I was SO thankful to get rid of them!!